Google December 2022 Link Spam Update Rolling Out Now

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Google confirms an upgrade to its spam detection system, called the December 2022 link spam upgrade, is rolling out now and will use up to 2 weeks to complete.

What’s In The December 2022 Link Spam Update?

Google is upgrading its spam detection system with the ability to discover bought links and spot domains used mainly to pass links to other websites.

The December 2022 link spam upgrade utilizes Google’s AI-based spam-prevention system, SpamBrain, to nullify unnatural links.

In addition to finding spam directly, Google says SpamBrain can now identify websites purchasing links and sites utilized for constructing outbound links.

Will The December 2022 Link Spam Update Affect My Site?

Google advises that rankings may alter as the December 2022 link spam update neutralizes unnatural links, removing any signals passed to the linking domain.

This update affects search engine result in all languages, possibly developing a prevalent effect.

Whether your site is impacted by this upgrade comes down to how you obtain links and how you link out to other pages.

Google has stringent standards versus getting links mainly to enhance search rankings. In addition, Google has guidelines about certifying links passed to other sites.

If you’re embedding an affiliate link within a body of text, for instance, you require to qualify that link with a rel=sponsored tag.

Failing to tag affiliate links properly might result in your site getting hit by the link spam update.

Furthermore, you need to tag links in guest posts with rel=nofollow, or that might get you in trouble with Google also.

If you’re following Google’s finest practices regarding inbound and outbound links, it’s unlikely the December 2022 link spam upgrade will adversely impact you.

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