Google Answers The Length Of Time It Requires To Recover From Algorithmic Charge

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In a recent Google SEO office-hours Google answered the question as to the length of time it takes to recuperate from an algorithmic charge that arose from content quality problems.

Google’s new office-hours format does not enable follow-up concerns, leading to answers that lacks subtlety and are less practical than the old format where the Googler can ask clarifying questions.

For instance, we have no idea if the “algorithmic penalty” that is referenced in the question suggests that the site completely vanished from the search results page or if it just dropped a couple of positions.

There’s a distinction in between the 2 situations.

This is the concern that was asked:

“… if a site gets algorithmically punished for thin content, how much of the site’s material do you have to update before the charge is raised?”

There’s a lot of info that is missing out on from that concern.

  • Did Google send out the publisher a message that their content was “algorithmically” penalized?
  • Is the person asking the question presuming they are penalized and does not in fact understand?

Here is the answer:

“Well, it’s generally a good idea to clean up poor quality content or spammy content that you might have created in the past.

For algorithmic actions, it can take us several months to reassess your site again to figure out that it’s no longer spammy.”

It Takes Months For Google to Assess Site Quality

Clearly it is necessary to repair as near all of the poor quality content as possible. However after that’s done it might take a few months to recover into the search results.

John Mueller stated something comparable in November 2021 about how long it considers a site that lost rankings to bounce back.

Mueller stated:

“I believe it’s a lot harder when it pertains to things around quality in general where assessing the total quality and importance of a website is not extremely simple.

It takes a great deal of time for us to understand how a website harmonizes concerns to the rest of the Web.

… And that’s something that can easily take, I don’t understand, a number of months, a half a year, sometimes even longer than a half a year, for us to recognize significant changes in the site’s overall quality.

Because we essentially watch out for … how does this site fit in with the context of the overall web which just takes a lot of time.”

Likewise, at the 5:21 minute mark of this Google video, the Googler Aurora Morales refers to what happens to sites that violate Google’s guidelines, consisting of the policy on thin content.

The Googler advises:

“Sites that don’t meet the money making and natural search standards may be gotten rid of from the Search index and have their ads disabled.”

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Listen to the Google SEO office-hours at the 24:24 minute mark here.